Enamelled Wire

Enamelled wire is the main raw material of motors, electrical appliances and household appliances. Especially in recent years, the power industry has achieved sustained and rapid growth, and the rapid development of household appliances has brought a broad field to the application of enamelled wire. Subsequently, higher requirements are put forward for enamelled wire. Therefore, it is inevitable to adjust the product structure of enamelled wire, and the matching raw materials, enamelled technology, process equipment and detection means should also be developed and studied.

So what is the relationship between enameled wire and welding machine? In fact, the enamelled wire welding machine uses water as fuel to electrolyze water through electrochemical method to produce hydrogen and oxygen. It is ignited by a special hydrogen and oxygen flame gun to form a hydrogen and oxygen flame. Peeling welding is carried out for double or multiple strands of enamelled wire without additional peeling. Because the temperature of hydrogen and oxygen flame is as high as 2800 ℃, the joint of multiple strands of enamelled wires is directly fused and welded into a ball under the action of flame, and the welding joint is firm and reliable. Compared with the traditional touch welding and spot welding process, it has the advantages of wide application range, long service life, no black smoke, reliable welding and so on.

Post time: Apr-03-2023