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  • What is the Function of Enameled Wire?

    What is the Function of Enameled Wire?

    Mechanical functions: including elongation, rebound angle, softness and adhesion, paint scraping, tensile strength, etc. 1. Elongation reflects the plastic deformation of the material and is used to check the elongation of the enameled wire. 2. The rebound angle and soft...
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  • The future direction of the enameled wire industry

    Enamelled wire has always been a very important industry in the economy, and with the continuous changes and development of the market, the enameled wire industry is also constantly adjusting and upgrading. From the current perspective, the entire enameled wire industry will develop in the follow...
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  • The production process of enameled wire

    Many people have seen enameled wire before, but they do not know how it was produced. In fact, when producing enameled wire, it generally requires a complex and complete process to finish products, which specifically includes the steps of paying-off, annealing, painting, baking, cooling, and wind...
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